What is Spirit-Tech?


Spirit-Tech is a concept that I am proposing so that many may be inspired to live in a way which enhances their spirit and their mind, and also the health of their body.

   We all have our own challenges and fluctuations of ups and downs many times in our lives, but living with a conscious mind and a healthy body will serve us well in the future.  Eating whole organic natural foods, fruits, vegetables, and teas can give us much more energy as well as an overall sense of well being. Also, getting lots of exercise and keeping our hearts and lungs healthy; proper stretching (whether it be Yoga or some other form of systematic stretching techniques) as well as keeping proper balance of the hormones  and emotions that keep us happy.  Getting outdoors is important to get plenty of vitamin D from the sun. That will keep our moods positive and our bodies feeling fresh and vibrant.

   Spirit-Tech is a way of living that emphasizes being clean, healthy, and natural,  While recognizing the spirit of all living things, and an appreciation of all of this creation. Regardless of whether we believe in a creator or not, there is most definitely a conscious force working in and through all of us and there are laws of nature which govern all things physical. 

   It is a concept that accepts anyone, wherever they are, for whoever they are. It is just a simple philosophy that means to learn passionately about everything that interests you most, and learn from everyone. Living fully because life goes by ever so quickly -- and being creative, as we all are the creators and co-creators of our own futures and destinies.  When we are in the spirit of being creative, that's when we can surprise ourselves the most with our ideas of inspiration.

   It is also the use of technology, of the physical and mind, to achieve states of awareness and to better use the tools which are available to humans for the advancement of our culture. From knowledge of technology such as computers, and musical equipment, art techniques, and modern natural medicine... to gardening and cooking and the creative process that goes into a life filled with art and music. It is the careful attention to the details of life that increase our experience immensely.

Stairway To Heaven With Nature Lover…!!! :)))

    Spirit-Tech is simply an expression and a theory. Open to interpretation and of each individual human spirit. It involves being aware of our surroundings, and the expansion of our sensitivity to life.

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