Future Energy: The Search For Alternative Power Sources

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    When it comes to finding renewable and sustainable energy sources, has the world lost it's way? Are we on some kind of road to nowhere? Many believe that there alternatives available that we have somehow failed to access. Or maybe it is not that we have failed to access them as much as that the current level of technology has not been able to break through the spirit of human greed and the desire to continue making money from the old technologies, as if they were somehow going to last.

    Well, sadly to say, we are learning from our mistakes via accidents such as Chernobyl, the Exxon Valdez, the BP oil spill, and now the Fukushima nuclear situation. How long though must these mistakes continue, and how many of the Earth's creatures (including humans) need to die or be affected by these catastrophic failures of human engineering? We need to start using safer forms of energy that are not harmful to human in the case of a natural disaster. We can never underestimate the power of nature and it's ability to destroy everything in it's path. If we switch to safe natural forms of energy production, such as solar, windmills, and even the ideas of the free energy device originally developed by Nicola Tesla, we will see a much cleaner and safer world.

  The Tsunami as it approaches and  rushes through the seaside town of Sendai, leading to an incredible amount of destruction, and ultimately a potential nuclear meltdown which could spread radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and across the world.

The 2 main issues that I believe need addressing at this very moment are the use of oil and nuclear power as our main energy sources. If we can find a solution to these energy problems, it is quite possible that it could be the end of much war and confusion, as well as unbelievable amounts of destruction to ourselves and to our home of planet Earth. We can also avoid potential disasters like our current situation in Japan.

    In 1986 we had the Chernobyl nuclear accident in what is now known as the Ukraine that sent a large plume of radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and over a very large area which includes countries of both Eastern and Western Europe. Over 336,000 people had to be evacuated and many of the workers died as a result of this terrible accident. Long term effects were also seen as cancer rates rose amongst residents of the area and cancer was often the result of the exposure to nuclear fallout, mostly in the form of radioactive iodine, which permeated the air and many supplies of food and water. Experts are claiming that this disaster in Japan won't produce as much pollution and radioactivity as Chernobyl, but many sources are predicting a dire outcome.

   As if we didn't learn, the human race -- which is now under what is becoming more and more a global government run by corporate power and persuasion -- has persisted in using outdated technologies so the people who make them can get rich and control the people.

   Is this really necessary when we have reached a new age of technological advance that is light years ahead of the years previous?  Why have nuclear reactors not been remodeled to be up-to-date and safe? Most likely it is to save money and time. Now there has been a disaster and this disaster has caused a mass exodus from Japan as the people are fearing that the radiation levels have become much too high to stay. For others who have now become homeless and stranded, the options are not so good as they must stay and face what is likely the worst nuclear accident of our time.

   The workers at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Plant were all ordered to leave for periods of time as the radiation levels became too high over the past few days and fires burned out of control.The resulting explosions and damage done to the reactors sent a fairly large amount of radioactive fallout material into the air -- also sending a radioactive plume over the Pacific Ocean via the Jet Stream air currents. The radioactive plume has been estimated by experts to arrive sometime late Friday, March 18th. Also, experts are warning of an eminent earthquake in the coming days, as it is a logical conclusion to the clockwise motion of the recent string of earthquakes along the pacific rim, also known as the ring of fire.

   As far as the nuclear situation is concerned in Japan, according to an article by Reuters, experts are blaming corporate greed and even criticizing the Japanese government for failing to advance their nuclear technology to levels which could have avoided these terrible complications which will likely lead to large amounts of radioactive fallout being hurled into the atmosphere as well as over most of Japan and many surrounding countries. Here is what one expert (Russian nuclear accident specialist Louli Andreev, who aided in the cleanup of Chernobyl) had to say about it --

"After Chernobyl all the force of the nuclear industry was directed to hide this event, for not creating damage to their reputation. The Chernobyl experience was not studied properly because who has money for studying? Only industry..."

"But industry doesn't like it,"

"The Japanese were very greedy and they used every square inch of the space. But when you have a dense placing of spent fuel in the basin you have a high possibility of fire if the water is removed from the basin," Andreev said.

   In reference to the IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency, which according to it's website, was set up as the world´s "Atoms for Peace" organization in 1957 within the United Nations family" and "works with it's Member States and multiple partners worldwide to promote safe, secure, and peaceful nuclear technologies.") Andreev said:
   "The IAEA ... is not interested in the concentration of attention on a possible accident in the nuclear industry. They are totally not interested in all the emergency organisations."

     One of the main reasons that the industry doesn't want to spend the money needed to progress is because they make the most money from the older technologies (i.e. nuclear energy and oil) in which a business infrastructure has been well established. Any time a new energy source found to be viable and may be proposed, it is shot down due to the fact that much money will be lost in the industry of the old technologies, which have led more than a few to achieve unheard-of wealth, and have allowed them to gain and maintain power, and to use that power to maintain control over resources and energy sources.  We have seen this time and time again, even in places like Los Angeles where the oil companies prohibited the building of a sufficient railway system, resulting in Los Angeles being the 'car capital of the USA'.

    It almost seems that these days, corporate power is virtually synonymous with political power in this new world with a nearly global government, but how long will we continue on our road to nowhere? Sooner or later these accidents are either going to be learned from, or we are going to destroy our mother planet in a hurry.

   Experts are also claiming that the real truth behind the nuclear situation in Japan is being hidden or covered up due to the fear of the nuclear industry that the world will find out just how dangerous it really is -- causing a mass hysteria and fear of nuclear power and energy, and a large amount of negative sentiment towards nuclear energy being produced in our own countries.  Just how safe is it really? And are the nuclear reactors (many of which were built quite a few years ago) built to withstand such natural disasters as earthquakes and tsunamis?Many are now in debate about the nuclear situations in their own countries.

   We must all as humans gather together to help Japan and it's people, who have developed such a sophisticated and intelligent culture of people who are as a whole, one of the best cultures in the world. They are such respectful and friendly, good-hearted people and I believe they will be strong throughout this turbulent tribulation.

   With no real natural resources of their own, besides their own people, they have become one of the richest nations in the world by working together as a team. Even now in the face of such destruction, they are patiently working together to recover from such a disaster. It is truly impressive and I wish them Godspeed in the healing of their nation.

   It is not the people of Japan who can be blamed for this nuclear mess, nor the government. It is the ones who are in charge of these large, powerful energy source corporations who use wealth and political influence to strong-arm nations into keeping outdated technologies for the benefit of the corporate monster.

   Oil and nuclear power have long been a source of greed and war. They are still being used as energy sources when we have no doubt progressed beyond them as a human culture. Electric cars have been available for years. Free energy technology has also. Even since the time of Nicola Tesla, we have made profound advances in the area of energy. Let's put some of this technology to use before it is too late. End the corporate hunger and greed. We as a people need to educate ourselves and put an end to disasters that are the result of our own ignorance. If we can develop and implement free energy technology as well as windmills dams, and other forms of natural power producers, we can avoid future mishaps that cause unnecessary destruction.

    Pray for Japan... and pray for the world. These truly are desperate times, and we all need to wake up before it's too late.  Free energy. The source of the future.


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