Freeriding and Urban Street

North Shore im bayrischen Bischofsmais

      There is a style of mountain biking that has become a way of life for some. It is called Freeriding. Freeriding is pushing the limits of modern adventure cycling. It is a radical approach to bicycling with riders who have developed unbelievable technical skills. 

Here is the definition of Freeriding according to Urban dictionary:

" Freeride is one of the most popular and fastest growing sports in mountain biking today. Freeriding is a term used to refer to riders who aren't focused on one area of mountain biking, but rather attack all aspects of the sport with great vigor. Freeriders can be seen riding downhill, technical X-country, dirtjumping, North-Shore style raised trails, urban assault and any other form of mountain biking that produces a rush. Freeride bikes range from small hard-tails setup for jumping, to full-suspension downhill rigs that have been reduced in weight and will sometimes have as many as 27 speeds as opposed to the standard 9-speed downhill setups. Freeriding is all about the rush!"

Check out some cool videos and see the amazing sport of Freeriding up-close.