Creating From Within - Finding Your Inner Artist

Underground (painting) and Mine (poem)

   Creativity -- where does it come from? Some will say that it comes from God and others will argue that it is just a natural outflow of the creative energy which we are made from.

    Regardless of where this energy and inspiration come from, we can all agree that creativity is responsible for the ultimate evolution of the human race, and has been responsible for countless works of art, music, and thought -- from which we in turn receive new forms of inspiration and experience.


   What was the last thing you created? It doesn't have to be Beethoven's 5th or the Last Supper -- it could be something even as simple as a peanut butter sandwich or a homemade card. It could also be a photo collage or a flower arrangement.  All of these things involve our left-brain experience to increase our focus and experience of the event at hand.  It is our mindset which can increase the wonder of these experiences to help us be inspired and create things that we may not have even imagined possible.

Painting by children, International Peace Day ...

    This mindset I am speaking of is a certain state of wonder while experiencing the creative process. It is also a type of meditation in which we appear to 'lose ourselves' within the creative experience. It is in this 'losing' of ourselves that we can let go and let the creative energy flow through us -- a process which often surprises us with the results, whether those results be amazing or simply plain.

    I believe that it is through the creative process that we can find our true selves and that we can find a passion which will grow like wildfire. It can make life so much more vibrant and also can intensify any experience. We are not only in the creative mind-state when we are making art, music, cooking, or gardening. We are also the co-creators of our future as the human race. We create and co-create every aspect of our day, from deciding what we want to eat for breakfast or by working out in the gym. By going to the beach or the mountains or playing ping-pong with some friends.

   The bottom line is that we are creative beings. Most believe in some form of Creator who made us like this and many believe that this Creator is a form of a personal God that somehow we can interact with. Others simply believe that this is a mystifying force of energy that permeates all things that has created this entire realm of existence, including our complex brains and bodies.

                       Alex Grey: an artist on the forefront of modern spiritual art
   No matter who or what created all of this -- some things ring true to all of us as humans. One thing is that being creative connects us to some deep force or innate power that causes us to feel most at home. That gives us feeling of awe and wonder. It is a force or energy that we can experience first-hand, as well as intensify that experience as we learn to control our artistic expression.

  We, as humans, are all artists. We are creators from the very first breath. We are creating our lives which start out as a blank canvas and end up an elaborate work of art. Some of these 'paintings' in our lives can be hard to look at, and others may inspire awe and feelings of freedom and beauty. But all of them are works of art. Every time we experience something is a a chance for us to put our touch on it. To put our defining signature on this or that experience.

    Art, music, and other creative outlets such as dance, cooking, gardening, or writing -- are all forms of creativity which can enhance our ability to experience life. One way they do this is by changing our perception of things. We start to see lines and shadows, spirals and patterns of nature. We see colors more vibrantly and learn more about what it means to be human.
Monet garden in Giverny, Eure, FranceWater Lilly pond with Weeping Willow @ Monet's garden, Giverny

    To live in this beautiful and wondrous although sometimes terrible creation -- we will all fare for the better to allow ourselves creative freedom in our lives -- and to find the outlets which allow us to fully express ourselves from within. To allow our inner artist to shine is to allow our soul to heal -- to bring us closer and closer to whatever may have been responsible for the creation of ourselves, and our interesting, fascinating lives. What is it that brings out your inner artist? Is there something you have wanted to learn? Some kind of creative outlet, art, craft, or music?  I highly recommend that you find that if you haven't already found your passion -- and learn everything you can about it.

   Most of all, create! Create your life with passion. Create lasting and flourishing friendships and relationships. Create a life worth living. Create experiences as well as things --  and embark on a journey which you may have never imagined. Inspire yourselves and others by finding your inner artist -- and live a life full of passion and wonder. Creativity holds the key to our inner self. Unlock all that you can -- and you will be more than surprised at the creative power that you, and others around you, possess.

   It is truly an amazing and wonderful world we live in. Although it can be terrible and tragic at times, expressing ourselves will bring us closer to nature and the experience of wholeness.

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