Transportation of The Future

JR-Maglev at Yamanashi, Japan test track in No...
   What a world we live in. Time ticks faster and faster by the second. Our lives whirl around and settle briefly and repeatedly like bees on flowers. We race around all busy and hurried and rarely stop to notice everything around us. Is that because most of the time we are driving our own vehicles at speeds that racers of the past would have only dreamed of? Or we run down crowded sidewalks to chase buses who would probably rather not wait for us? Ten million thoughts go whizzing through our brains and it seems sometimes that we just can't keep up. Power struggles for oil, fossil fuels, energy. It seems a global energy crisis can be greatly alleviated by the use of modern technology -- transportation in particular.

    Transportation is a key factor in the development of any civilization -- and should always be developed in order to satisfy our increasing demands for time and resources.  Modes such as automobile, train, plane, jet, ship, and personal vehicles have all been pushing their limits the past few decades and now -- we seem to have reached a Golden Age of transportation in that we have more options and technologies available to us than we ever had before.  Electric cars, magnetic trains, personal jets, and even space craft.

    In Europe, trains are used as a primary mode of transportation. Also, in crowded places such as Japan, railway seems essential in dealing with the congested city areas and rising fuel prices. The Europeans and Japanese are on the forefront of railway technology and in my opinion... the United States needs to follow suit in order to remain the thriving cosmopolitan nation that it has been for so long. We, as a country need to strive to produce the most efficient means of transportation -- public as well as private.

    The Japanese Maglev train is one of the most efficient and amazing trains in the world, and can reach speeds of up to 361 mph! It basically floats due to a type of magnetic resistance that pushed it along at incredible speeds. Due to the fact that the train is not actually touching the tracks -- the ride has been reported to be amazingly smooth and quiet.  There have recently been proposals made about high speed trains in the United States, but as usual they seem to be tied up in red tape. How long until we receive the transportation that we need so bad as a country? It will enable us as people to explore our own countries and states as Europeans have been able to do for so long. It will enable us to stop wasting so much as well as polluting so much. What is the future for transportation in the United States?  I pray for a technological solution to our transportation confusion.

    It has been an issue for many years in this country -- why there is not a more efficient system of public transportation to get from place to place -- short and long distance alike.  It seems one made up of red tape, power plays, money, bureaucracy, and greed. Let us all become more aware of our options and work to build a better future for the world of travel. Bring on the Maglev and the Tesla Roadster! Bring on the new frontier of transport!
Rear view of a Tesla Roadster


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