Clean Water Please?

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...  Do you ever wonder what you are drinking when you turn on the faucet to pour yourself a glass of water?  Or even water that has been filtered? Bottled water or distilled... reverse osmosis? Is this water actually good for me? Will it quench my thirst?  How do I know someone hasn't contaminated or polluted the water supply with some kind of nanotechnology that makes one perpetually thirsty like in the movie 'The Tuxedo' with Jackie Chan --  or will it be nanotechnology that helps us clean the pollution? Or have big corporations, to save money on proper waste disposal, dumped all kinds of pharmaceutical and toxic waste into our water supplies? And is this newly filtered water that makes up most of our 'dwindling water supply' missing some vital minerals and oxygen that it might need to fully quench my thirsty cells? My first inclination after a fair amount of research is that no, it is not good for me and no, It doesn't taste fresh and living like a river stream in the Swiss Alps -- or even like it might have only 50 -100 years ago.  Nor does it taste as clean.  What exactly is in the water that we should drink and why? 
 As quoted by -- 'According to Dr. John Sorenson, a leading authority on mineral metabolism, "Minerals in drinking water are more easily and better absorbed than minerals from food."'    

 What is the healthiest drinking water?
   I found this in the healthiest drinking water forums at yahoo and I think it is a good quick reference for bottled drinking water...

 "All Organic matter on this planet has a pH level- including humans. 7.0 is considered neutral, so anything below that is thought of as ACIDIC and that above is ALKALINE. P.H. Value is measured on a 14 point scale with 10 levels within each point. This means, that a point drop on the pH scale, (from 7 to 6), measures 10x more acid, not one time! pH=potential of Hydrogen!

PURE WATER in its most perfect state, should have a pH of 7.0, neutral. However, water with 7.0 pH will quickly grow bacteria, and wil become unsafe to drink. Therefore most bottled water and tap water will be acidic (between 4.0-5.5)

If bottled water has a pH of 7.0 or above, preservatives must be added or bacteria will grow! The only way to guarantee safe drinking water with a pH of 7.0 is to have a good filtration system. When the water is fresh it will be consumed quickly preventing bacteria from growing. I have a pH Water Chart that I wish I can show you but I'll write down some of the names of the purest and healthiest waters for you>

Ranging from Least Alkaline to best:
7 Arrowhead Water
7 Crystal Geyser Water
7 Deer Park Water (made by nestle)
7 Eldorado Springs Water
7 Publix Supermarket Spring water
7.5 Biota Water
7.5 Fiji Water
7.5 Whole Foods 365 Water
7.5 Zephyrhillis Water (made by nestle)
7.5 Carico WH 750 SS & 500 SS
7.9 Eden Springs Water
8 Deep Rock Water
8 Evamore Water
9.6 Trinity Water

Aqafina, Perrier, Pellegrino, Glaceau, Dasani, Smart water are all Acidic numbers and the worst drinking waters when it comes to ph

Poland Spring, Dannon, Crystal Springs Water, Dannon, etc. Are all considered neutral which is OK to have but not the best. Neutral waters are neutral to out health but Alkaline waters are the most beneficial to our health."

That is just the drinking water situation alone. This is not even taking into account the state of our rivers and oceans and world environment in general. This polluted water that runs off into our oceans turns into clouds and rains back down the pollution that we as a whole provide from our own waste and carelessness. Not to mention the catastrophic event of the BP oil spill in which it is just mind-blowing to think of the long-term consequences of that blunder. So many animals will die and people will be eating more polluted seafood and swimming in a more polluted ocean... which is in a big way the lifeblood of our planet besides oil. Now the two are mixing to create a hazardous downslide in overall planetary health.  So do a little research and by all means try to avoid drinking unfiltered tap water. Also please avoid throwing contaminants/pollutants down your drains and gutters.  It is one of the most important things we can do for our health and our planet.  Take a little time... breath a deep breath... drink some clean healthy water and juice from non polluted sources. We can have all of the material comforts in the world -- but if we have not health -- we have not much.

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