Beautiful San Diego...

Montage of San Diego pictures on Commons

 Ahhh well it looks like I am finally getting my life a bit more situated now... living with my sweet and beautiful girlfriend in the North Park area of San Diego. It is nestled between downtown, Balboa Park, Mission Valley, and Ocean Beach. I know for the many who have visited here, there are many stories and mixed emotions. And for the rare breed of native San Diegans... it is probably more one of an accurate account of what makes this place so amazing and incredible... because it takes so long to get to know this place. I know that for myself... it has taken me quite a while just to even learn my way around this place... which I still feel I barely have a grasp on. It is big and vast and encompasses so many different areas and terrains... not to mention some of the best beaches in California... although some of the dirtiest as well (only after a heavy rain mostly. Other than those times it is mostly quite clean).
  My journey to San Diego was about 3 years and some months ago. I came here from a place called Kailua-Kona Hawaii... where I lived for about 9-10 years altogether. I had brought my little brother (who is not so little anymore... nearing 30 now, and quite the man. Well traveled and liked by many) to Kona some years back as well... and he integrated there quite nicely. We both grew up in Ontario, California and although it is a very cool place near L.A.... near to so many great things (The mountains, the city, the river, the desert) we both longed for some adventure and experience beyond our wildest dreams. I wasn't exactly sure what my dream was... but it took me all over Europe, to studying in England... school in Minnesota, and a brief stint living in Minneapolis. Until I stumbled upon paradise. It was always my brother's dream to live in Hawaii... and was mine since the first day I landed there on the Big Island with 200 bucks and a backpack and a conga drum. I was full of starry-eyed wonder when I first encountered that place... which is entirely another topic... and good for volumes of stories and adventures.
   I bounced from Hawaii to Cali a few times... mostly to and from San Francisco and Berkeley, which became my 2nd home for a while. Music has kept me company along the way and kept me from despair when I have been living on a shoestring most of the places I went. But I couldn't have felt more rich at the time let me tell 'ya.I mostly had the feeling that I had God and his angels watching over me... as amazing and magical things would happen.  Sometimes we may not have too much, but it is what is inside that matters most... and the people who share the journey with us.
   So I will tell much of my story later on... as it is quite long and full of comedy and action as well. But what I really want to say today is that San Diego is such a nice blend of both places. I get the culture and the creative community... beautiful nature everywhere. Very nice beaches with some super sick waves... skateboarding is not frowned upon. People are friendly and active and I think the creative community is really starting to come of age.  So many good things will be seen coming out of this place as they already have been for years. I have really started enjoying Balboa Park and Morley field. My girlfriend and I can walk to museums and hiking trails just from our apartment downtown. I am quite grateful for this place. It has taken a while to feel settled here... and sometimes I have definitely longed for those other places... but I feel so lucky to be living in SD. So anyone I know who is coming down this way for holiday  give me a shout out... and I can give you some tips on nice places as well.  This is really a place to be seen and experienced... whether it be surfing, skating, bicycling, boating, beach-going, shopping, nightlife, restaurants (there are definitely some great ones here but it takes a while to find them) hiking, single-track mountain-biking... museums and attractions, sightseeing etc...
   It's another beautiful day in San Diego. I am going to watch some World Cup and call my Dad and tell him happy Father's Day. Then most likely will go ride some trails in Balboa Park. Aloha :)