Mountain Biking in San Diego

Mountain Biking at Bootleg Canyon
Myself being a newcomer to the San Diego area... I am surprised at how many mountain bike trails there are here in the San Diego County.  I have a good friend who likes to get a posse together on Sundays and go to ride these different trails and in t
he future I will try to post some good pics and give more accurate personal reviews of these... and also cover a bit more of the bike scene here and elsewhere.
   Before I begin... I would really like to say to all athletes.. and especially trail riding adrenaline seeking thrill junkies... that I have discovered a very cool supplement which turns my legs into turbo powered animals. It makes me actually look for steep hills to climb because I enjoy the pump so much. It is called NO2 and you have probably heard of it. It increases oxygen and nutrient uptake into your cells and the best way I could describe it is a turbocharger for the human body. It is a scientific breakthrough used by many pro athletes in all disciplines. I highly recommend popping a couple of those before your trail ride.  You will feel the difference and will tear that trail up and be focused. It was discovered by a man who was one of the original founders of EAS bodybuilding supplements. There are many products claiming that they are NO2 but I recommend the original company MRI.  They are the founders and all of their formulas are amazing. I just recently have been taking the NO2 BLACK and it makes me a pedal pumping machine. I don't wear out on my rides. Even 50 mile road rides no problem!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: NO2 BLACK(time release) by MRI.
 Now .... as for the trails here in sunny San Diego... there are plenty my dirt loving amigos. And some with some varied terrain and plank bridges. I don't dare attempt the teeter totter yet. It is kinda sketchville. I think I need to boost my bike up to a full-suspension with loose shocks before I roll up on that sucka haha.
   So I am going to take it upon myself to create a rider's resource here.. and layout some of the great trail rides as well as some great road rides. Hopefully this will be of service to humanity in some way. In my opinion... the more people ride bikes... the happier they are... the more free they feel... the less pollution in the air... all good things. So let's get out there and ride.